How to Prepare for The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam?

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PMP stands for Project Management Professional. Therefore, PMP certification is something that a person who works as a project manager would want to pursue. The certification is given out by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is recognized throughout the world as a standard to measure the competency of project managers. Project managers work in a wide range of industries and fields. From IT to education, just about every industry benefits from hiring project managers. And every industry wants to hire the best of the best. When hiring new employees, companies look for someone who can lead and direct various projects and multiple members of a team.

Attaalla Elroby

Cracking the PMP exam requires a great deal of commitment and thorough preparation. Serious and good exam preparation is inevitable, regardless of your experience and education. Following are some guidelines to prepare for the PMP Exam:

Prepare a study plan:

You must treat getting your PMP certification also as a project. Prepare a plan that covers all the activities that lead to your PMP certification. One of the sub-plans to this and a very important one is the study plan. Break your study sessions into smaller chunks and prepare a study plan which includes timelines to read Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok), practice mock tests, study various materials, etc.

Review the latest edition of PMBok Guide:

It is recommended that you study the PMBoK Guide, no matter what other preparation tools you decide to go with. Study all the book with concepts and try to memorize basic definitions and terminology. Studying guide book will always help while attempting the paper.

Practice Mock Test:

Mock Tests are often a very good indicator of your readiness to take the exam. They are very useful to identify the gaps in your project management knowledge. After taking a test you can review the results and focus on areas that you need to improve on. Taking full-length mock tests is important to get your PMP Certification, you better get used to it until it’s too late.

Form a study group:

A good study group can be of quite help. Studying in the group breaks the monotony of studying alone and it helps to motivate each other and stay focus.

Always Practice:

It’s never wrong to say that practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice the more you get to correct your mistakes and have efficiency on a particular subject of interest.

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