DO’S of an Engineering Project Manager

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Engineering Project Manager uses strategic approaches, specific methodologies, and analytical skills in solely engineering projects. Anyone can opt for this type of project management having an engineering background and interest in project management. Apart from engineering projects, some non-engineering tasks are also carried out by this professional including

  • Designing a new office building
  • Purchase of material
  • Documenting a plan
  • Budget and cost management

He suggests strategies and tools to more effectively and successfully manage projects. Therefore, his task includes a coordinated series of activities such as performing calculations, writing specifications, preparing bids and reviewing equipment skills. Small projects are normally looked after by project engineers but large projects rely on instructions of a project manager. In a more precise manner, his role can be described as a liaison between a project manager and technical activities on construction sites. He should be knowledgeable and competent enough to create the balance and a smooth flow of work between the two. His job sometimes also obliges on him to meet stakeholders, funding sponsors, meeting project engineers, and technical tradesmen.

Attaalla Elroby

Some engineering companies also demand to demonstrate immediate planning, organizing, directing and facilitating skills. He should also regulate the procedures necessary to perform assigned managerial tasks. Some important do’s of his task are:

Facilitate and lead the chore:

The utmost job of an engineering project manager is to facilitate the workflow and lead the task while knowing the budget,  creating work breakdown and having rough order estimate. He should prioritize tasks and integrate plans with principle investors and program managers.

Research and recommend project management policies:

Initially, he should be able to assess and analyze the project being assigned to him. His research should solely be based on his analytical and technical skills. On the next step, he should guide, recommend and estimate the plan and policies devised by him. Implementing effective procedures facilitate and increase workflow. In the case of the conflict, he should coordinate, resolve or assist the teams in order to maintain a working environment.

Regular reporting on progress:

It is pertinent for an engineering project manager to report on a regular basis on the progress of the project. This makes one a responsible professional in the eyes of a senior manager or client. Moreover, it is also necessary to assess that each stage is progressing on time and the budget is being distributed on each step.

Participating in risk management:

Evaluating and forecasting about the changing trends and monitoring to control the probability or impact of unfortunate events is also a crucial part of his job. He should take part in risk management to maximize the realization of opportunities.

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